You might be applying countless products to your skin, hoping to stumble on the ‘magic formula’ to solve all your skin concerns and deliver a clear, radiant complexion. But by focusing on a ‘more is more’ approach, we’ve been doing our skin a great disservice, irritating our skin – and spending a fortune in the process.


Partnered with my mum Hilary, we founded SKINICIAN as a way to cut through the noise and confusion of the skincare world, offering multi-tasking products that target a number of concerns.

Each one has a concentrated yet perfectly balanced blend of actives that deliver results without upsetting the skin’s protective barrier.

After all, your skin is delicate and vulnerable, sensitive to our stress-levels, sleep quality and hormonal changes, as well as having to cope with an onslaught of sunlight and pollution on a daily basis. Once you throw in a lot of strong skincare formulas into the mix, you’ve got a recipe for irritation and sensitivity, which affects 70% of women during our lifetime.


As former salon owners, we found ourselves facing challenges that many salons do – stocking big-name brands with extensive and over-complicated ranges that weren’t compatible with our clients’ busy lifestyles.

We were also startled at how so many people were treating their skin issues by using several harsh products at once (and paying a pretty penny in the process).

When in fact, there is a much more kind and gentle – not to mention simple – alternative. Bringing together the finest experts in the skincare industry – from cosmeceutical chemists, to formulators and manufacturers – we realised people could achieve happy, healthy skin without having to spend a fortune or risk irritation.  And that fewer, multi-tasking products and better education around skincare were all that was needed. After all, why should great skincare be for a privileged few?


"My fine lines and pigmentation are definitely less noticeable these days. My skin looks and feels great. So many people have given me compliments about my skin too."


"As someone with very dry and sensitive skin, especially on my face , not all products can I use. This didn’t irritate my skin at all, it left my face feeling and looking clean and fresh."


"I have really noticed difference in calming my redness on my cheeks with this product. I use it at night with the night cream. It's brilliant, highly recommended."

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